May 27, 2010

3 Years...

I can hardly believe that AJ turned three this past Sunday. It's not an 'Oh my, where did the time go?' wonderment, or an 'I'm getting so old!' thought either. It's simply just a shock. He is no longer a little baby. He isn't even a toddler anymore. He is a little boy!!!

He had an early start to his birthday on the 14th, when the four of us drove up to Titusville to spend the day and watch the Shuttle Atlantis launch. For the next week and a half AJ asked me 10 times daily if it was his birthday and if he could have candles on his cake. I showed him the calendar, what day his birthday was and that it would be here soon.

The day before his birthday, we went to Jasey's moms house to celebrate with her. A yummy dinner, cake and gifts. It was wonderful and AJ was very excited that his birthday was finally here. Though I think he was a little suspicious because he knew that the day I had pointed to on the calendar that day wasn't the same day that I had told him his birthday was on, little smarty pants.

The next morning we headed to Calypso Bay, a little, kids water park. A few friends, who have kids around the same ages joined us at the park. A few hours of splashing, sliding and playing and the kids were pretty tuckered out, as well as the parents (a few of the parents were pretty sunburned too) AJ passed out in the car, just what we were hoping for.
My mom met us at our house and later a couple friends came over so the boys could play. AJ opened gifts and, of course, there was more cake.

A homemade, shuttle shaped cake! Since AJ has been so into rocket ships and enjoyed watching the shuttle launch so much I wanted to have a special cake for him. It was the first shaped cake I'd ever made and I had so much fun doing it!
He asked again this morning if we were going to have cake and a party for him, I guess I need to start planning for next year, any suggestions?

May 17, 2010

Meet the Fam...

So far you've only met my little family of four. I figured it was time for you to meet the people in my family that came before my husband and children. Though, considering that my mom has 7 siblings, I have 13 cousins and there are already 10+ kids in the next generation, it would take way to long to introduce you to everyone. So I am going to tell you about the two people that mean the most to me. My mother and my brother, of course!

This is Marshall, my big brother, by 3 and a half years. Growing up, I was the annoying little sister and he was the big brother I looked up to. He beat me up and made fun of me, I whined and complained. We joined forces and drove our parents crazy. I had a crush on one of his friends. I wanted to do everything just like him so that he would be proud of and like me. I loved him, he was my big brother. Now that we are adults we don't talk all the time, though I wish we did. I would love to call him everyday just to say 'Hi'. (Though, I would feel like that annoying little sister again)
LIfe is never boring with a person like Marshall around.

After graduating from high school, he moved to Atlanta to attend Georgia Tech, because he is a computer and math genius. A couple days before he left I was sitting in the living room at home when he turned on the stereo in his room and blasted a They Might Be Giants album. He wandered out of his room and stopped right in front of me, just looking at me for a second. Next thing I know he starts jumping around and dancing in the middle of the living room, with a big smile on his face. I cracked up laughing! Mom came into the room to see what I was laughing at, he stopped and just looked at mom but I couldn't stop laughing. Two more times this happened, he would dance until mom popped her head around the corner to see what was going on and he would stop. That is one of my favorite memories of him, and in a way I think it might have been his way of saying 'I love you and I'll miss you'
There are so many things about him that I love. His intelligence, reasoning and explanations always make me think, listen and want to hear more. I don't always follow what he is telling me and am grateful when he takes the time to re-explain something that I didn't understand the first time.
He is easily the funniest person that I know. It's not your everyday 'HaHa' or 'silly' funny, he isn't a stand-up comic kinda person, nor is he throwing out one liners all the time. He is all of that in one, mixed with a mind that never quits...only better.

While our relationship may have been pretty typical, Marshall was not. He was an interesting person to grow up with and I know that a lot of who I am now is because of him, all in a good way. :)
He is dating a wonderful woman, Deri. She brings out the best parts of Marshall and he always has a smile on his face when she is around. They fit together perfectly and she quickly stepped into our huge family and caught all of their hearts too. I can't wait to see what the future brings for the two of them. Maybe a few nieces and nephews for me...?
(here are Marshall and Deri with AJ and Ryan)
My mom, quite simply, I love that woman. She is my best friend and I never give her the recognition she deserves. She was always there when I was little. She drove on field trips and was a classroom mom. She religiously took me to dance classes and busted her butt backstage at every recital for 12 years. She was always in the stands at football games to watch me cheer and always at dance conventions to cheer for me. 
 (here she is at my wedding dancing with Troy, a groomsman)
We've done some wacky stuff over the years, dancing in the middle of an intersection while stopped at a red light. Discovering a new planet in our own living room and making friends with the 'Walnutians'. We've taken road trips and re-wired bathroom lights. We've laughed till we cried and cried till we laughed.
 (here we are playing in a tree that fell in her backyard during a hurricane)

In the last few years she has become something more then my mom and my friend. I got married and she became a confidant. She listens when I need to talk and gives advice when I don't know what to do. 
 (at my bachelorette party)
Then I had children, and she became Momah. She is always there and I can always rely on her when I am at my wits end. All I have to do is call and she knows by the sound of my voice that I am slowly going crazy. Just telling her "I can't take it" calms me down. She is always willing to lend a hand whether it's watching the kids so I can grocery shop or just stopping by so I can see another adult in my day. I am so grateful for her and everything that she does for us.
So there you have it, the two people in my life that have been there the longest. They have helped to mold me in to the 'special' person that I am today. I hope that they know how much they mean to me.

May 15, 2010

Shuttle Atlantis

Friday, Jasey took the day off of work (an amazing event in it's self), the four of us hopped in the car and drove to Titusville to watch the final launching of the Shuttle Atlantis. The timing for it was perfect, AJ is really into rocket ships and his birthday is a little over a week away. We figured a little trip to see a real life rocket would be a fun pre-birthday surprise. You can see the launch pad between Jasey and me. We were 12 miles away and had a great view.

We got to Titusville about 3 hours before the launch, our only plan was to find a place along the 5 mile stretch of road running along the river to set up camp and wait for the main event. We found a great spot right on the water under a couple palm trees so we had some shade for Ryan, it was perfect! Although, AJ discovered why it is not smart to run your hands up and down a palm tree trunk, poor guy got splinters in both hands. :(

It was great spot and we were surrounded by lots of other people, from different states and a few from different countries, that had come to watch the shuttle.

Our perfect spot also happened to be right next to a restaurant. We had stopped and grabbed lunch on our way so we didn't need food but as an added bonus this restaurant was serving margaritas for $2.50 and a server was even coming out into the crowd and taking margarita orders! Jasey and I decided to partake in the tequila and lime concoctions. Yummy!

AJ had a special treat too, a huge chocolate milk all to himself while we settled in and got ready for the final countdown. We really did have an absolutely perfect view.

Ryan was very excited. She actually did great all day and ended up falling asleep not long before the launch, though the rumbling woke her up so she technically didn't miss it.

AJ was starting to get a little antsy and we had to keep reminding him that we were about to see a rocket ship, then everyone started counting. 10, 9, 8, 7, soon as he heard the crowd he climbed up in daddy's lap and looked out over the water, he knew what was coming.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...We have lift off

It was amazing to see and and not as loud as we were expecting. Though, that worked out well since we didn't know how Ryan would react to the noise. AJ, despite being tired, having splinters in his hands and getting bit by an unidentified insect, had a great time and was very excited that he got to see a "rocket ship blast off to the moon in outer space" Since being home he has watched the launch no less then 20 times on the computer, over and over and over again.

It was a first for both Jasey and myself and we've already talked about going again, we would love to see a launch when it's dark. Maybe one of the last two, scheduled later this year, will be at night or in the early morning.
I know AJ is still young but I hope that this is something that he remembers when he is older. It was definitely a great day and a fun family trip. We are so glad we went!

Also, AJ and Ryan will have pictures to prove that they were there! Including this one that shows what a great time that AJ had :)

May 07, 2010

Journey To Become A Mom...

Jasey had barely finished putting the ring on my finger when I started questioning him about when we were going to have children. A little over a year later we brought this 'little' guy home...

Not exactly what I had in mind but that's ok, I already looked like this...

This was two days before I had a c-section and we got to welcome our 'little' babycakes...

Isn't he cute :) We settled into parenthood pretty quickly and he was a great baby. Next thing I knew a couple years had gone by and it didn't seem like I had been able to lose any of my baby weight, see...

hehehe, just kidding. This picture was two days before another c-section and our second 'little' chipmunk...

There she is! She is also a fantastic baby and has completed our 'little' family. How could you not love these faces?

And of course we can't forget about the first baby we brought home. :) There he is front and center...

Happy Mother's Day!!!