January 23, 2013


Suggestion time!

I am part of a group of ladies that meets once a month to play Bunko.  (It's a dice game.  But it's really not important for the purpose of this post.)  I've only been a part of the group for a year.  I am technically no longer the newbie, but I'm pretty darn close.

I think I have been part of the group long enough that people are starting to realize what a goofball I am.  If they don't know it yet, I apparently have no problem showing them just about every time we meet.  I'm still shy and quiet at times.  But, more often than not, I blurt out off-color comments.  I get way too excited about the game sometimes.  And it was a good 6 months before I didn't feel like I had completely embarrassed myself by the end of the night.  But come on, when you've lost the first 4 rounds of the night and then all of a sudden you roll a Bunko, it's exciting.  It is to me anyway.  It's pretty evident to those around me as well, what with all the squealing and giddy hand clapping that is being emitted from my side of the table.

I subbed for the first time a year and a half ago when it was my friend Dawn's turn to host.  Pajama Party!  Although I knew absolutely no one there and only remembered a couples peoples names, I had a great time.  I honestly almost didn't sub that night cause I'm a big scaredy-cat and (as mentioned a few posts ago) I get nervous when meeting new people.  I'm so glad that I didn't chicken out and actually went!

I subbed a time or two more over the next few months and then that January they needed another permanent person.  I knew a few more peoples names by this time and enjoyed the evening without the kids so I said 'Heck yeah! Sign me up!'  But there was no host for the following month, so I said 'Heck yeah! Sign me up! I'll do it!'  I'm very ambitious.

So, my second month of being a Bunko member, I hosted my first Bunko night, on Valentine's Day.  It was fun! I love prepping for parties.  I would love to start a party planning business, I'd be great at it, I really would.  But, OK, maybe I'm not that ambitious.  I stuck with a Valentine type theme and made it 'Guilty Pleasures'.  I sadly got no pictures that night of my tables or decor.  I'm really getting terrible at picture taking.

I'm going to blame it on my old age, or maybe it's laziness, could be the memory... What?   Oh!

This time around I hosted in October, with the original intention of doing an 'Oktoberfest' theme.  Which would have been a lot of fun but a couple months before I hosted I changed my mind...totally dorked out...and went with 'Harry Potter' instead.  Yeah!!!!!!!! (insert more squealing and clapping here) I had such a great time putting it all together.  And I must say that the end result wasn't too shabby.  I made Shepherd's Pie for dinner and Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice to drink.  For dessert I made Licorice Wands, Pumpkin Pasties and Treacle Tarts.

I staged the entrance (mostly with pictures) like you were walking through Platform 9 3/4 then taking the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade Station.  I had (a picture of) the Sorting Hat and sorted everyone into Houses and awarded the House Cup at the end of the night.  Our Bunko and Traveling tossables were Harry Potter glasses and a Hogwarts student hat.  Most everyone there had read the books and a few even got into the theme and showed up in invisibility cloaks, so cute!  I heard that a lot of their kids wanted to come, too. :)

Each of the tables were decorated as a room in Hogwarts.  The high table was Dumbledore's Office with Lemon Drops, Phoenix feathers and the Sword of Gryffindor.  The middle table was the Gryffindor Common Room with Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Gold Galleons, The Monster Book of Monsters and a magic wand.  The low table was Snape's Office with cauldrons, gummy snakes and The Hand Of Glory.  I made quills for everyone to write with and there was a little Whomping Willow complete with little tiny car stuck in the branches.   Let me say it again.  I'm a dork.  A big one.  And an even bigger Harry Potter dork.  Without the least little bit of shame or embarrassment about it.

Over the past year we've had such great themes! 'Movie Night', 'Mystery', 'The Letter S', 'Favorite Color', 'Sesame Street', 'Jimmy Buffett' and many more!  I love finding out what each months host picks as a theme, seeing how they make it come to life, then seeing how everyone else interprets the theme for their loser bag gift.  I've also meet and gotten to know a little better a wonderful group of women...ladies...gals...dames...damsels...lasses......womenfolk?

Thesauruses are fun.

In the short time I've been a part of the group, I've seen a few people join us and a few have to leave.  But no one ever misses a beat.  Those that can't make it anymore are still remembered and those that fill their chairs are quickly embraced.

Even though I am no longer considered 'mid-county' I still (drive a crazy far distance to) join the group once a month so that I can spout off boarder line garish tidbits and embarrass myself yet again.  It's kind of my thing.

This was great, I got to share with you a brief tale of my Harry Potter theme Bunko further explaining what a doofus I am while at the same time telling you about my new favorite monthly night out with a great group of...hold on, I'm getting another one, ok here we go...wenches.  No, that's no good.  How about this one, maidens.  Maybe not quite accurate, but better than wench.  ;)

I am thankful for a lovely group of ladies that I hope are not upset by my jokingly vulgar sense of humor.
PS - I was going to write broads, not ladies.  Have I offended anyone yet?

January 15, 2013

Big Brother AJ...

So I have a short amusing story to share.    

We were out a couple weekends ago and after some walking and flower picking we ended up at a local park.  AJ immediately took off and started playing, running around and making friends.  Ryan wandered around with a flower still clutched in each hand.  

AJ went over to Ryan and asked her to come play.  She followed him and they climbed and crawled and ran with a couple older girls that were there.  Ryan still had her flowers, too, she wasn't putting them down for anything.  Another boy showed up, younger than AJ but older than Ryan.  They all played for a little while before Ryan stopped to check on her flowers.   

The little boy stopped and stood in front of Ryan just watching her.  Just as AJ was coming over to get Ryan to chase him the little boy grabbed one of Ryan's flowers and took off running.  Ryan immediately started screaming and before we knew it AJ had taken off after the boy screaming "Hey!  That's my sister's flower.  Give it back!"

Jasey and I just stood back and let AJ chase him.  Partly out of shock and partly out of amazement.  It was the first time we had ever witnessed him do anything 'brotherly' like this.  We had to keep ourselves from laughing and egging AJ on too much.  Though of course we wanted to. 

The boy ran out of the gate to his parents, that weren't watching him or anything he was doing.  AJ stopped chasing the boy at the gate.  He knew he shouldn't leave without us.  I praised AJ for being a good big brother and taking care of Ryan and also saying that if he had caught the kid he would never hit or push, just get back the flower.  

We went and picked Ryan a new flower for AJ to give to her.  As we were walking back to the playground we passed the little boy who...you won't believe this...held the flower up for AJ and me to see, laughed and did a little 'nany nany boo boo' dance.  Smiling like I was going to tell him what a good job he did.  So I stopped in front of him and said "That was not a very nice thing you did.  You don't take things from other people."  His face dropped and he turned and walked back to his mom.   We didn't see him again after that.  

Today I am thankful that I have two children that are so loving towards each other...in their own ways...most of the time...

Random Bits...

...About Me...

1.  I do not like plants indoors.  A vase of flowers or a Christmas tree is fine.  A potted plant.  No.  It freaks me out.

2.  I am an introvert.  I like my own little bubble of life.  But I can also be an outgoing person at times, once I get to know you.  So I am an extroverted introvert.

3.  I like to find weird patterns in the most obscure places.  Hard to explain but it's just the way my mind works.

4.  I get nervous and cold when I meet new people which makes me trip over my words more than normal.  So I'm shivering and stuttering.  There are hand gestures and spittle.  It's really a pretty sight let me tell you.

5.  When I get angry, upset or annoyed my face and neck get itchy.

6.  When I get scared I giggle.  So I'm that crazy person in the back of the movie theatre giggling uncontrollably while the poor sap on screen gets hacked to pieces.  I'm not sick I swear.

7.  I do not like the word 'panties'.  It just sounds like something a creepy molester should say.

8.  I am not an expert at the English language but I certainly get annoyed at things like 'text speak', improper grammar and misspelling.  Another annoying thing, when people try to show their anger or excitement my drawing out a word but they repeat the wrong letter.   LIKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEE TTTTTTTHIS.  Do they not realize that by repeating the 'K' or the 'T' they are doing the typing equivalent of stuttering?  Also, why draw out the 'E'?  it's silent!!!

9.  This post has been in my 'drafts' for a few months.  I didn't want to post it till I had at least 10 'random bits'.  It would have felt unfinished to me.  Can you say 'anal retentive'?

10.  My weight is totally pissing me off at the moment.  I'm not gaining, but i'm not losing either.  Very frustrating.  I am working out and muscle weighs more than fat...blah, blah, blah...I don't care it's still pissing me off.

I am thankful that I no longer have a 'draft' in my posting list :)

January 14, 2013

April 25th...

On to another 'blog suggestion'.  The topic of my 'favorite time to go to the beach' was recommended.  This immediately made me giggle.

I will tell you why, which will also explain the title of this post.

It made me think of the movie 'Miss Congeniality'.  Cheryl the contestant from Rhode Island is asked to "...describe your idea of a perfect date." To which she answers, "That's a tough one.  I'd have to say April 25th.  Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket."

The idea of your favorite time to go to the beach could make a number of people answer in completely different ways.  As with life, most things get split into two groups.  I don't generally agree with this but for the sake of this post, I will.

The mention of time would make the first group of people think of a time of day.  Their answers could range from Sunrise, Sunset, Mid-day, Happy Hour, or 10:15 pm.  They'd all have their own reasons.  I would think that these will mostly be people that live by the ocean, beach bums, those practicing yoga on the beach, etc.

The other group of people will think more generally and give a time of year.  Mid-summer, early spring, anytime during a 'Florida Winter'.  These are going to be people that only spend a weeks vacation by the beach, snowbirds, people that live a couple miles from the beach but never seem to make it there, etc.

A third group could be added (because I like to contradict myself) but it would mostly consist of indecisive people (like me) that will like the beach at different times of the year and day for different reasons.

I like the cooler weather of the Winter months (usually, *sigh*) and the low cloud cover over the sand but along with that there is usually a lot of wind and I do not like the free sand blasting my legs get, even if it does exfoliate my skin.

I like the Summer sun, bright blue skies and flat glass like water.  But in the middle of a Florida summer you can only stay out there for so long.  Sweat, sticky sand, the layer of salt dried to your body making it hard to even smile.  Stormy skies are amazing to watch rolling in on a day like this but then you have to pack up all the gear you brought with you and when you try to go back out the next day you have to fight with the lines of seaweed along the shore.

If it's cool, it's too choppy.  If the water is clear, there is no breeze.  If there is a nice breeze, the sand is scorching.

Anytime I go to the beach I have a great time and I simultaneously can't wait to leave.

I know it sounds like I am a beach party pooper.  I've lived in South Florida my entire life (less almost two years) and more specifically I've been in Palm Beach County that whole time.  Never more than a few miles from the ocean.  The beach isn't my absolute favorite place but it definitely holds a special place in my life.

I've been to the beach every season, every month, every time of day.  I've seen the sun rise.  I've laid in the hot afternoon sun.  I've fed seagulls out of the palm of my hand as they hovered above me floating on the wind.  I've watched storms roll in.  I've watched the sun go down.  I've walked along the water hand in hand, after a late dinner.  I've been on the beach after midnight and watched sea turtles come to lay their eggs.  I've witnessed nests of babies erupt from the sand and follow the full moonlight to the water.  I've seen the moonlight reflect on the waves and look like lightening.  I've played and gotten knocked around in waves more than two times my size.  I've been the only shade for miles for schools of tiny fish that find shelter next to my ankles.  I've strolled the waterline picking up shells and sea-glass and wondered what corner of the world they came from.  I've spent a few hours at the beach a couple miles away.  I've stayed for a long weekend along Florida's West Coast.  I honeymooned for a week on the beaches of Jamaica.

The beach definitely holds a place in my life, and heart.

All things considered I think Cheryl from Rhode Island was on to something, April 25th is a pretty perfect date.  Although, for the beach, the other 364 days aren't bad either.

Today I am thankful for the sunshine.

January 10, 2013


Yesterday evening there was a PTA/SAC meeting at AJs school.  PTA is starting to get their board together for next year and the President and I talked earlier that day about what role I might like taking on next year.  At the end of the conversation I told her I'd see her that night.  SAC was going to be talking about school safety, it being the first meeting since Sandy Hook, a lot of the things I've already received notice about.  Also to be discussed were results from diagnostics testing completed before break.  The tests didn't effect me or AJ but it's still nice to know whats going on.

I am only assuming that these subjects and more were discussed.

I never made it to the meeting.  It's the first one I've missed.

There was no catastrophic event like a car accident or anything.  But I could not get myself out of bed to shower and get going.

I'd had a small headache all day and since we had no medicine in the house I decided to just drink more water and keep a few snacks handy.  Things that usually work on a little headache like what I had.  It really wasn't bad.  Then I went to pick up AJ, as usual, on my bike.  He had ridden his bike that morning with me so I wouldn't have to drag him home in the Burley, great!

About an hour after getting home the dull ache I'd had all day suddenly pounced.  Hot flashes, stomach knots and waves of nausea followed suit.  I tried to get comfortable on the couch but the sound of the kids and the light coming through the closed blinds was more than I could handle.  The soft couch cushions and pillows felt like bricks.

I was in tears.  And of course crying with a migraine only succeeds in making it worse.

Kirby tried to give me comfort and kisses.  Ryan brought me some 'food' from her kitchen.  AJ was such a good boy and tried to keep Ryan quiet while they played in their room, he even closed the door.

After letting Jasey know it was really bad, and him responding he'd be home ASAP I made my way upstairs.  It was another 20 minutes before he made it home with medicine and by that time luckily the worst of it was over.  I took some meds and thought if I hopped in the shower it would help me feel even better and that maybe I could make it to the SAC meeting and possible catch the end of the PTA meeting if I hurried.

Next thing I knew it was 11:00 pm.  But I felt so much better.

I was awake for close to an hour and starting to worry that I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep.  Finally I did and had no trouble sleeping through until my alarm went off at 5:00.  I had slept for nearly 12 hours.

I used to get migraines all the time when I was little.  It was like clock work when I was in elementary school.  Luckily I don't get them nearly as often anymore.  I can only think of a small handful of times that I've had to call Jasey home early from work, including yesterday.  Only a few more times that I've been down for the count on a weekend or trip.  I do not miss the regularity of them from when I was younger.  Maybe that's a good side effect of mine after having kids, fewer migraines.  Interesting theory.

I decided to take it easy this morning.  I took Kirby for his normal walk but opted to drive AJ to school this morning instead of biking.  It was already a scheduled day off from the gym, so I'm not missing out on much fitness time.  I am about to go take some more medicine because I still feel a little foggy and off, I certainly don't need, or want, a repeat of yesterday.

Today I am thankful for a loving husband that will come home to bring me medicine even when I know he has loads of work to complete at the office.

January 08, 2013

Next on the List...

So at my request for blog topics Kim R. spoke up and gave me these motivators...

Clouds  Bubbles  Rainbows  Stars


Clouds are beautiful and wondrous.  Its amazing how many different kinds of clouds there are and then how many shapes each cloud takes within its classification.  I loved when we learned about clouds and how they are formed in science class but rather than try to relay that info here I went to this site

And copy and pasted this information

 Clouds are classified according to their height above and appearance (texture) from the ground. 
 The following cloud roots and translations summarize the components of this classification system: 
 1) Cirro-: curl of hair, high.             3) Strato-: layer.                                   5) Cumulo-: heap.
 2) Alto-: mid.                                      4) Nimbo-: rain, precipitation.                                         


It was also one of the prettiest charts that I found while looking around.  

But also check out this site for some amazing pictures of lots of different cloud types, some you have probably never seen or even knew existed!

It may sound weird to say that I like some clouds more than others but it's true.  The ones that impress me the least are probably the mid-level clouds.  Clouds with Alto- or Strato- attached to them in some way.  Not that they aren't neat, because I've seen some pretty crazy clouds with these attachments.  It's just that there are other clouds that grab my attention more often.  Cirrus clouds are nice but they are so wispy, sometimes there isn't much to look at and I usually want Cotton Candy after I see them.  Who knew a cloud could be bad for your waist line.  

Attach Cumulo- to these clouds and they become a whole lot more interesting to me.  Cumulus clouds are the fun fluffy white ones that people usually see shapes in while laying on their back in a field of wild flowers wearing a shin length cotton dress...

no? just me?...

My favorite clouds though are the Cumulonimbus.  First off it's just fun to say.  Try it, go ahead, I'll wait...


It's this fun crazy word that rolls around but is so smooth it doesn't get stuck or trip you up anywhere.  Great word.  Sometimes they are referred to as Storm Heads.  Second look at the picture, those things are enormous!  It's this crazy big cloud that seems to defy gravity in so many ways.  They are awesome to watch as they billow up, growing higher and higher, all white and fluffy.  Yet, the bottom is flat like it's sitting on a glass table and an ominous dark grey.  

Sometimes more than one are lined up forming a Squall Line.  Watching one of these roll in, especially over the ocean is magnificent.  You know you should run for cover but it's so breathtaking your feet are momentarily stuck to the ground.  It also always brings a little bit of '80s' pop culture to the front of my brain.  It's, 'The Nothing'.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, shame on you, you are missing out on a great movie.  "Bastian, say my name!"

Bubbles - I don't have as much to say about bubbles.  The kids loves them, heck even Kirby loves them.  Kirby tries to catch them, with his mouth of course since he's a dog.  So AJ started catching them with his mouth when he was little after he saw Kirby do it.  Now Ryan does it too.  So I have a dog, a 5 year old and a 3 year old all trying to catch bubbles in their mouths, it's very amusing.  About 10 years ago I found lasting bubbles at a craft store.  They had some sort of glue or something in them that kept them from popping.  They would stick to the walls and stay in your hair.  You could pop them but it was like popping a bubble gum bubble, there was this little bubble skin that stuck to your finger.  They were so cool.  I haven't been able to find them in years.  

Rainbows still amaze me everytime I see them.  I look to see how big they are, it's still neat to see one that stretches all the way across the sky.  It's not very often but I've seen two in the sky at one time, in completely different areas.  Not a double but two separate rainbows.  Double rainbows are also still exciting to me, but the kids always get frustrated, they can never see the second one.  I tell them it's right above or below the first one but they shift their eyes too much and are expecting to see another one thats just as dark.  Now I usually don't mention the double and we just ooh and aah over the first.  I went to Ireland in 2004 around my birthday.  For a few days while there I took a bus tour around the South of the country hitting places like Blarney, Killarney and Galway.  It was cold and rainy, I loved it!  On the bus one day we saw a Full Double Rainbow, it was so bright and crisp.  Amazing.  Even the guide/driver, a native, was enthralled with it.  I never found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but that could have been largely due to that fact that I wasn't particularly stealthy while in Ireland since there was Guiness pumping through my veins and a heavy Irish brogue singing loudly from my lips.  (I kissed the Blarney stone while there and Guiness really does taste better in Ireland) 

Stars are another favorite of mine.  Outer Space in general.  I would jump at the chance to go into space, Jasey thinks I'm crazy.  Clouds, stars, I love to fly on airplanes, I would like to skydive.   I never realized how many things I like that involve being in the air above the Earth.  I'm an Aquarius and a bit out there so it shouldn't surprise me.  I swear I'm a hippie at heart and was totally born in the wrong decade.  I don't follow start charts and will only occasionally read my horoscope but I don't think that it is a silly waste of time either.  I believe there is truth or at least possibility in anything.  

I have an Atlas of the stars that Jasey got me years ago.  It's a huge spiral bound book that has everything in it.  It has a map of the hemispheres and information on our Galaxy, Lightyears, Supergiants and Black Holes.  The major constellations each have their own page and plastic overlay that connects the stars giving the name of each star and showing the shape of the constellation.
I also downloaded an app on my phone called Skyview.  I love it!  You can hold it up to any star or constellation in the sky and find out all about it.  It will show you where things are that you can't even see, like the International Space Station.  It will also show you where all the planets are and if you tap the planet it will show you it's orbit.  You can use the app night or day and even in doors if you wanted to..  You can point it towards the ground at night and see where the Sun is at that time or you can point it to the sky during the day and see what stars are above you.  It connects the stars of a constellation and shows a faint picture of what that constellation is supposed to be so you can see Orions Belt at his waist  and which way he kneels.

I'm not sure why but my favorite constellation is Cassiopeia.  It's the one that looks like an 'M' with a wacky leg that sticks out farther than the other.  (I guess you could say it looks like a 'W' also).  I think I just like saying Cassiopeia.  On that same note I always liked Copernicus, another fun thing to say, and  which also happens to be the first guy to ever say "Um, hey, guys, I don't think that everything actually revolves around us." Smart guy.

Between clouds, rainbows and stars I could lay on the ground outside day and night and be happy.  If a few bubbles float by I wouldn't be upset.  

January 05, 2013


After my last post I asked (on facebook) if anyone had any suggestions for blog topics, since every time I sit down to blog my mind goes blank.  The first suggestion I got was the 'milk' fiscal cliff.

I guess I should have specified that (1) not only do I not follow or pay attention to political or governmental goings on (or really most news of any sort) and therefore know nothing about these kinds of things, but (2) I don't particularly care.

I know I probably should at least pay attention but I don't and I most likely never will.  I've come to terms with this, you probably should too.

I came across this comic today and it made me giggle and think of this post.  So I had to add it.

Hehehe.  Anyway,

It was the first time I had heard the term, milk fiscal cliff.  I might as well be completely honest and admit that it was only a few days earlier that I had hear the term 'fiscal cliff' at all and it was on some stupid list of 2012's most over used words/sayings.  So like any good American, I googled it. By the time I was aware that milk prices were on the brink of going sky high, the Farm Bill was already passed.

I still wouldn't have cared.

I don't care about milk.  It's gross and I don't drink it.  I don't buy milk regularly.  So that price increase wouldn't have had a big impact on our household.  Though other things are, of course, impacting our household, but I'm not writing about those I'm writing about milk.  If you were wondering, we buy Almond Milk, and I still don't drink that, mainly I use it on cereal for the kids.

Maybe I seem like a bad, lazy American that doesn't pay attention to their own country.  Maybe I seem like a hard-hearted, thoughtless consumer that doesn't care about the farmers and other little guys.  Think what you may, it won't bother me.  I've never really put much stock in what other people think about me anyway.  I know who I am and what I stand for.  It took me a long time and a difficult road to get there.  Milk will not change that.

So, there you go that is what I think about the 'milk' issue that isn't actually an issue any longer.

Today I am thankful that I live in a country where milk is one of our biggest worries.

January 02, 2013


Happy New Year!

I usually have a feeling about a New Year.  What the year will be like.  Whether or not it's going to be a good one.  If good things will come or if I should not get over excited about it.  I get these feelings about Hurricane Season too and am generally correct.  Maybe I missed my calling as a Psychic Meteorologist, they have those right?

Anyway, my feelings.

This year I'm not sure what happened.  I heard more than a handful of people state that they weren't really in the holiday mood this year.  I was one of those people.  It took me a while just to be like, 'yea, ok, Christmas is here, I might as well get my decorations up.'  I did eventually get into the the swing of the holiday and had a wonderful time.  Not a whole lot of stress, a little more egg nog and sweets than was needed and in the end I can say that I had a fun and festive season.

Then, it was New Years Eve.  I don't usually make an actual resolution.  I've made a few cheesy ones over the years and just a couple years ago I resolved to write a post at least once a month if only to check in...hahahaha...*snort, snort*...a ha, a ha, ooohhhhh...sorry...excuse me while I wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes...*sigh*, ok i'm better now.

As you may imagine that resolution didn't quite pan out.  I'm still here, yes, but it's lucky if I get a post up every few months.  May I take this opportunity to say thank you for continuing to check in and reading my weird rambling thoughts.

So this year was no different, except that instead of saying 'My New Years Resolution is to, blah, blah, blah, insert typical healthy goal here'.  I said nope, not at all.  I am making no resolution.

I have been very happy with myself for a little over a year a half now.  I've lost a large amount of weight and though it still fluctuates it has stayed off.  I am eating right, with my occasional splurge or treat.  I am even in a workout routine that isn't over taxing and that I enjoy.  What is there to change?

So, back to my feeling.

When I started thinking about the New Year a few days ago, I was expecting to have some sort of thought on the matter.  A drop in my gut or a lightness in my chest.  A quick daydream in my head about the year to come and what it had in store.  What I got was...nothing.  Just, nothing.  I had no 'feeling' about the year to come and what it had in store for me or my family.

There are good things on the horizon for us, nothing carved in stone and nothing that is on the edge of becoming reality, but definite positives.  I am not a pessimist but I do also know that there is always a chance that some negatives will show up again, but we know we can handle it.

I didn't put too much thought into my lack of 'vision' for 2013 but now as I write this, here is the conclusion I've come to.  I didn't see anything because there wasn't a major fluctuation in our lives.  No dazzling ups, no disastrous lows. We are just coasting along and I am perfectly ok with that.  I think this year will be a relaxing year of settling and shifting.  We have had so much personal turmoil in the past few years and have had to scrape the bottom so often that we appreciate not being that low anymore.  But on the flip side we have had so many things turn around for us recently that even though we are still not in the clear, we are a lot higher than we were.  We can see the sunshine and smell the fresh air, how can we not be looking up?

We will settle into our lives and feel a little bit more at ease with every passing day.  We will slowly see what else can be changed in our way of life and shift them to become easier and more well planned.  We will also be preparing ourselves for our next step.  Whenever that may be, wherever it may take us, and however it may happen, this year will be our first step towards our families next mystery chapter.  And it all coincides with a new year, talk about a fresh start.

How's that for not making a resolution!?!

Today I am grateful to have my house clean and back in order.