February 23, 2012


Most people get to relax coming out of the holidays.  For us things are just getting started.  Most of January is calm and then it hits us.  Our anniversary, then my birthday, then two weeks later Valentine's Day (not really a big deal in our house), then another two weeks is my moms birthday.  Throw in a few friend birthdays and it's nutty.  Oh who am I kidding, every year is crazy, every month of the year.  It keeps things exciting!  Moving right along...

January 29th Jasey and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  (Yes I'm getting to it now, three weeks late is actually good, for me.)  Year six is 'Iron', so I ordered us this...

I know each of the metals isn't actually iron.  I had limited options, but I made sure to get a few in there.

We actually went out on the 28th for dinner.  My mom came and spent that night with the kids and Jasey and I headed out for dinner just the two of us.  It was a wonderful dinner, which we almost didn't make.  We were talking and missed our exit, oops.  We had to travel a ways to be able to turn around and head back to where we wanted to be.  Luckily it didn't add too much extra time.  I am slightly upset with myself because I didn't take any pictures that night, very unlike me.  Though, lately I have been horrible about taking pictures, I never remember!

We went to Houston's Steakhouse.  Jasey wanted a good steak and neither of us had ever been there but had heard great things.  We each had a few drinks, woohoo! and a great meal.  I didn't not overstuff myself like I did on New Years, but it was close.  We then headed across the street to Cheesecake Factory for dessert.  It had been a long time since I'd had cheesecake, it is one of my downfalls.  I love cheesecake!!!  I don't remember what kind Jasey got and neither does he because we both loved mine.  Red Velvet Cheesecake, it was so good, I could have eaten a whole cake by myself...then I would have been in pain!  We each had a another drink with dessert and that was pretty much it.  I know we are an exciting bunch right?  I was yawning pretty much the whole night.  Not that I was tired or bored with my company, not at all!  Anytime I am not around the kids or they are quiet and calm (i.e. sleeping) I start to yawn.  After 5 years I guess my body has trained itself to shut down when there is no more hustle and bustle.

The next day was our actual anniversary, we celebrated my birthday that day.  All sorts of backwards, huh?  Jasey and I headed to Target to wander, pick up stuff for dinner and so that Mom, AJ and Ryan could decorate for my 'Surprise Party'.  AJ loves to decorate for parties.  He tries to convince me to have parties all the time for just about everything.

He wanted to have a surprise party for his Mr. Potato Head the other day and said that he was going to invite a 1,000 people.  I'm glad I talked him out of that one!  When we got home I was 'surprised'! as any mother of a 2 1/2 and an almost 5 year old should be.  This picture was taken after the initial surprise and is also the third take of my 'surprised face' not my best work.

We got the kids each a soccer ball and played outside while cooking out for dinner.

Neither the hats nor the kids were really cooperating during the pictures.  The strings kept popping off so I had to hold the hats and we were trying to coax the kids to look at the camera with the cake.  It didn't really work.  

Cill and Jared joined us for cake.  Please excuse the blurry counter top in the foreground.  I really need to get a tripod.  

Mom made goodie bags for me (giggle, giggle) and the kids. So for the first time the kids were introduced to silly string.  It was everywhere.  AJ had a good time with it, I think Ryan mostly ran and hid.

Ryan was exhausted but didn't want to give up her soccer ball so she fell asleep with it on her face.

I still had my actual birthday two days later, but don't get too excited, it was a Tuesday.  After AJ got out of school Mom, Ryan, and I went and picked him up and we all went out to lunch.  I couldn't decide between two things so I got them both and took one home for dinner, since Jasey had a game that night and I was going to be chilling by myself.  The kids went down easy that night and a little early so I got to eat my leftovers and watch TV and read and whatever else I wanted to do.  I finished the coquito and all sorts of other crap that was in the fridge since I told myself 'no more starting tomorrow'.  It was my own personal birthday binge.  So here I am 32 years old, HI!   

My 30s haven't been bad.  I didn't dread turning 30 as most people do and while, yes, most of them (all two years) have sucked so far, I don't blame age or even life for that.  We got dealt quite a few crappy hands and for that I blame Jasey's jack-hole of an ex-boss.  I have nothing to complain about in my 30s.  I've lost 61 pounds and counting.  I love my family, my friends, my husband and my kids.  I wouldn't change any little bit of any of them.  Though things may be hard sometimes it's nothing earth shattering, we always make it through somehow.  Thirty-two has been good to me so far, all 23 days of it.  Funny enough, most of last year I thought I was 32.  I was telling people I was 32.  I even wrote that I was 32 on papers at the doctors office.  I felt like such a doofus crossing it out and correcting it, I didn't even know my age!  So this year when I actually turned 32 it was almost like I gained an extra year.  That'll make you feel young again!  There are all sorts of things to look foreword to this year and in the future.  Now instead of wondering whats going to happen to us and cringing at every turn, I am excited to hear about the next step and can't wait to see whats around the corner.  

Quickly...Jasey had another game on Valentine's Day.  No big deal, I hosted my first Bunko game that night.  (see Valentine's Day not a big deal around these parts)  I had a great time.  I joined this Bunko group a few months ago through my friend Dawn.  They were missing a host for this month and being one of the newest members I hadn't hosted yet so I volunteered.  I mostly stuck with a Valentine's theme but went a little different route and did a 'Guilty Pleasures' theme instead.  Chocolate, wine and sparkly things, what girl wouldn't love at least one part of a night like that on Valentine's Day.  

We had a weekend of birthday parties too.  First was Alex's Bowling Birthday Party on Saturday.  It was AJ and Ryan's first time bowling and they both really liked it.  The bumpers were up and there was a ramp out for the kids to use.  And the little tiny bowling shoes were so cute!  Happy Birthday to the newest 4 year old!

Then on Sunday was Dylan's Playmobil Knights Birthday Party.  It was fun and easy and just what Dawn was looking for at 7 months pregnant.  Pizza, cake, music, fun and a whole room full of Playmobil sets to play with.  What kid wouldn't have a blast!  Happy Birthday to the newest 5 year old!

Next up we have Momah's birthday!  Not sure yet what we are doing but there have been talks of more cheesecake, mmmmm!



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