February 23, 2012

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Starting out as High School sweethearts in 1996, Jasey and Andrea have now been married since January 29, 2006.  Our little babycakes, AJ, joined us on May 23, 2007.  To put it simply, he is absolutely amazing.  Our little girl, Ryan joined us on October 21, 2009.  We are excited to watch as she grows and further completes our family.  Kirby is our 110 pound Black Lab.  He is a big, goofy dope, AJ’s best friend and Ryan’s protector.  Tubby and Nala, our cats, are brother and sister and have been with us the longest.  They live on the second floor of our home.  Avoiding the dog is their main mission in life.  We are a family and we love every minute of it!

Yes, we have two wedding dates.  Yes, we have two wedding locations.  Yes, we have two marriage certificates.  No, we don’t celebrate both of them.  January 29th is our actual wedding anniversary, the date we celebrate.  That is the day that we had a big wedding with a reception and we were joined by family and friends.  On our honeymoon in Jamaica we decided to have another wedding, a small destination wedding, just the two of us, for fun.  We knew we would have the second certificate but ended up with more then we planned when we were featured on the front page of the Travel Section of our local newspaper, The Palm Beach Post, but it definitely adds to the memories!

AJ joined us at 7:33 pm.  He was born on his scheduled due date Wednesday, May 23, 2007.  The stinker was so large that he got stuck and was delivered by c-section.  This is not what mommy or daddy had planned but we knew we would rather have a healthy baby then have to worry anymore.  We had a great doc and couldn’t have been happier with the whole experience.  We love our little babycakes.  There is nothing in the world like a child, your child.  

We had a pretty normal rehearsal, as rehearsals go (no need to explain if you have ever been part of one), and we were missing one groomsman that was recovering from the bachelor party.  Then off to the rehearsal dinner at Saitos.  After flying shrimp, smoking onion volcanoes and a few sake bombs it was time to go home and rest up for the big day.  Jasey and I broke tradition and stayed together at our own place that night, we exchanged gifts the next morning before going our separate ways.  The ceremony was short and sweet and no one could hear it with all the wind!  The reception was a blast.  We wanted a party and that is what we got!  A small after party at the Bomb Squad and then to finish the night you will never imagine where I ended up in my wedding dress!  Well there are no pictures to prove it, so i’ll keep it a secret for now, you can always ask though!

We were engaged in NYC on a carriage ride thru Central Park.  Nene threw me an Irish themed bridal shower, Erin Go Braugh!  Lindsay and Lane put together my bachelorette party, a great night at Hugh Jorgans, that i will never forget...or never remember, depending on how you look at it.  Jasey’s bachelor party was two days before the wedding, so that his family from London could join in on the stag party :)  Our honeymoon to Jamaica was fabulous and I can’t wait till we go back (as long as Jasey doesn’t slice his foot open again!)  Margaritaville, Dunns River Falls, a private second wedding and unlimited drinks... fantastic-ness!!!

Labrador Retriever
February 8, 2007
103 Pounds
Best Friend to AJ
Protector to Mommy
Wrestling Partner to Daddy
Terror to Tubby and Nala 
Unstoppable Energy
Loves Baseballs

I had an ultrasound one day and an appointment to see doc the next day, my due date.  The u/s showed everything was great, and on the previous appt, doc was optimistic to let everything just flow.  Due date appointment came and doc did not like what he saw.  True, we had a healthy baby, he was just a little too healthy, u/s showed 8 lb 14 oz.  We left the office at 10:00 with doc saying he would call in an hour, 11:00 on the dot my phone rang.  Says doc, “Be at the hospital at 1:00 to check-in”.  I guess I’m having a baby today! Check-in, wait, prepare, wait, wait...wait.  Then in no time, our 9 lb 10 oz bundle of joy was here!  Not at all how we pictured it but we couldn’t be happier!!!

Kirby joined our home on April 9, 2007 at 8 weeks old.  He weighed in at 21 pounds.  He was a water dog from day one, laying his head in his water bowl and falling asleep.  He never whined or cried, i think he felt like part of the family right away, that is certainly how we thought of him.  I miss the puppy but I love the dog :) 
Kirby could certainly drive us crazy without really trying but we knew that he was a very good dog.  Neither of us had ever had a dog before so it was new to everyone.  He caught on quick in training but liked to show his personality whenever possible, by trying to ignore us and doing what he wanted.
Kirby can still drive us mad but we couldn’t ask for a better dog.  He listens, most of the time, wants to be with us and never wanders too far.  If he feels something isn’t right he will sit as close as possible, on us if he can manage it, until he knows that everything is ok.  He is great with AJ and even as a puppy he understood that when AJ fussed I needed to take care of him, if I took too long he would look at me and then at AJ and back at me like ‘aren’t you going to do something about that?’  Kirby truely is AJ’s best friend, it amazes me to watch them play together, to see how fearless AJ is of Kirby and how gentle Kirby is with AJ.  

We had a fantastic time celebrating AJ’s birthday!  Friday was his real birthday and we started the celebrations with a party at Jasey’s office.  That night was dinner with mommy, daddy and momah and AJ’s first taste of cake, yummy!  Saturday we had breakfast and rested up.  Then Sunday was the big bash!  And of course more cake!  Hope you enjoy the pictures, we wish you all could have been there!  Thank you for all the birthday wishes!  

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