February 23, 2012

More Kids Stuff...

When ever you talk with AJ be ready for the longest, most drawn out, going around in circles conversation of your life.  If you are looking for an answer you will most likely be more confused than when you asked the question.  If you are looking for pure entertainment than you have certainly come to the right kid.

I admit I don't always have the time or the patience for his babbling.  I try my hardest to let him talk and get out what he has to say even if it's the same 3 statements repeated over and over with a 'but' in-between each one and then ended with a completely unrelated sentence and topped off with an exasperated chuckle.
Such as..."I do want to go to daddy's game but I am kind of tired but my puppy wants to go but my puppy will be lonely if he stays here but if I go to daddy's game then I will be tired but if I'm tired then  puppy will keep me company but I do want to go to the game but only if puppy can go, cause...pshh, then I will grow up and talk like daddy!"

Seriously!  It didn't go on from there because my eyes were starting to cross and I had to cut him off.  These are the sort of things I wish I could get on film (haha, film) but every time I turn on the camera they both instantly shut up and want to look at themselves on the screen.  Oh, at what age do they figure that out?

Yesterday I got Ryan dressed in a long sleeve Miami Hurricanes shirt and a little pleated khaki skirt.  It is very pleated almost like a cheerleading skirt.  So she looked kind of like this little UM cheerleader, very cute.  But after she got her skirt on she looked down at it then spun around on her toes and said "I'm a princess"  It was so adorable!  She is crazy one minute she is all tom boy playing with cars and 'guns' and the next minute she wants to wear dresses and watch Tinkerbell.  She gets it from her mama.  :)

She is still a stumbly little girl.  I think a lot of it has to do with her feet, she is quite pigeon toed.  Her left foot is worse than her right.  She will trip a lot, more so with shoes on and definitely when she is tired.  She very rarely actually gets hurt though.  She'll fall down and sit for a second to see if anything hurts then as she's getting up we'll ask "are you ok?"  She stands up and brushes off her hands and says "yes, I'n d'ok Mommy"  cutest thing ever!  Today when she fell I asked her if she was alright instead of ok.  She replied "yes, I'n alright"  so I asked again "you're ok" and she said "yes, I'n alright"  It's awesome to see and hear them understand what you are asking and respond correctly.  But then of course it makes you that much angrier when they pretend not to hear or understand you later, grrr.

AJ knows that his birthday is coming and that he will be 5, though I sometimes use it as a kind of leverage...?  He still sucks his thumb when he is tired and going to sleep.  He has never been an all day everyday thumb sucker I am grateful for that.  But I've been telling him that he needs to start trying to stop because he will be 5 soon and 5 year olds don't suck their thumbs.  I try not to tell him "you have to stop, that's it just stop."  I want it to be something that he is a part of.  I bite my nails forever and even though people tried to 'help' by telling me to stop it got to the point that I wanted to do it just because they told me not to.  Can you say stubborn?  Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.  Usually it depends on the mood he's in to begin with.  If he didn't get a good nights sleep and is sucking his thumb on the way to school he'll just say I don't want to turn 5, I'm going to stay 4.  Usually when I tell him "you are sucking your thumb you must be tired so go to bed", he'll stop, but again it can back fire.  Sometimes he'll go to bed but usually it'll start an all out war/melt down which proves he is tired but instead he fights it.

Ryan is at the age that AJ was when he started completely rejecting the stroller.  She is not quite there yet but I can see it fast approaching.  She always prefers to walk on her own but will usually sit, at least for a while, with no problem.  Then she gets her arms out of the straps and stands on her tippy toes on the ground still buckled around the waist and walks the stroller around.  Curse the times we need to get her out for any reason because there is no hope of getting her back in that thing.  She does the typical and oh so fun screeching and arching her back so you have to choose between covering her mouth or forcing her into a sitting position so you can buckle her in and hightail it out of wherever you are.  I really don't mind her walking around when it's just me and her or when all four of us are out because then someone can keep an eye on each of them.  She is still just so headstrong and doesn't always listen.  I think AJ had more practice by this point but he knew to stop at roads and look both ways and if mommy or daddy said 'too far' he would sot pane wait for us or turn around and walk towards us.  Ryan just laughs and keeps running, usually around corners.  I can't wait for the day that I can get rid of the stroller but I don't see it being anytime soon.  If I'm lucky it'll happen before she turns three!

So there are some more fun facts about the kids.  I will be transferring some of the 'blogs' that I wrote on the family picture site onto this site.  I am not very computer savvy and still don't totally understand what is happening with iWeb.  All I know is that if for some reason in the future I lose that site that will be fine, it's mostly pictures and I have all of those but there are some things that I wrote like about when Ryan was born that I would like to still have.  So, anyway if you read some weird post about how I'm 32 weeks and carrying high, now you'll know it's from 2 years ago.

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