February 15, 2012

Right Down the Middle...

I've never been much of a magazine reader, after about 3 months you can tell they are doing the same five stories and trying to put different twists on them each time.  There are the pages and pages of make up and beauty tips, I'm lucky if I have time/remember to put on lip gloss everyday.  They always have the fashion tips and the 'looks for less' segments, you know where they take a celebrity look that costs more than my entire wardrobe and make it 'affordable'.  So instead of a $500 shirt, they find one that looks nothing like it and is obviously much cheaper looking but it  gives you the same 'style' and for the bargain price of only $325!  Wow it's a miracle, let me run out and buy two!

There was a time though in middle school and high school that I got into magazines.  I was a teenage girl and it was the thing to do.  I never did 'Tiger Beat' or 'Teen Magazine' I was a rebel, at 13 years old I went straight for "Seventeen'.  Then by the time I turned 17 I'd moved onto 'Cosmo'.  At one point I may have had a subscription but mostly I bought them at the store when I saw someone on the cover that I liked.  I can't for the life of me think who that may have been at the time...

I guess you could say my favorite part of the whole magazine thing (aside from the horoscopes of course) were the quizzes.  My friends and I would listen as one person read each question and then marked down everyones answers.  I would usually try to add on an option 'D' to each question because none of the answers sounded very me, they were all so extreme and stupid.  Anyway, after all of our points were added up we would find out how much of a diva we were, or how honest we were or how funny we were, whatever secrets that months' quiz held for us.  It was edge of your seat excitement I tell you.

Then just as with everything else in these magazines I started to see a pattern.  I was always in the middle.  I was never so much of a diva that people thought I was bitchy but I wasn't a wall flower either.  I liked the limelight but knew when to let other people have their moment.  I wouldn't tell the truth to every little thing especially if I knew it would hurt you but I didn't cower in the corner and avoid conflict.  I knew when to tell people the truth and when to keep my mouth shut.  I wasn't so overly funny that I got tagged as class clown but I didn't let jokes fall flat and walk around with a sour puss face.  I knew the importance of a properly timed one liner and I knew when to leave the joking at home.  Yet again my magazines became predictable.  It got to the point that I didn't even take the quiz I just read the middle result and said 'yep, thats me'.

I am still that way to this very day.  Right down the middle.   I've realized that always being in the middle has also given me the ability to do things like step back and see things from more than one angle, meet and become friends with a wider range of people or take the time to decide the best course of action.  In short I'm a very open minded person, which I think is a great way to be!

I've met new people that after a while of knowing me tell me that I am the most out going shy person that they have ever met.  I guess that makes me an extroverted introvert.  Or maybe an introverted extrovert.
Either way I'm slightly mysterious and very whacky.  Aquarius all the way!  One of my favorite words used to describe Aquarians is eccentric.  Great word.  Eccentric - a person of unconventional and slightly strange views or behavior.  Awesome!  Couldn't explain myself better if I tried!


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