February 10, 2012

Things the Kids Do...

When AJ is done with a meal he is supposed to ask if he may get down and go wash his hands.  This happens maybe half of the time.  Even if he doesn't ask to get down though he usually still remembers to take his plate and cup to the sink and go was his hands.  As they say you have to pick your battles.

Ryan is strapped into her booster seat so she has caught on and says "Mommy, all done.  Get-a-down please. Wash a hands?"  It's very cute and I am so thankful that she is just about broken of the high pitched squealing when she wants your attention.

Recently AJ has decided that when he is done so is Ryan.  He goes to the pantry, gets a wipee, 'cleans' Ryan's hands and face, unbuckles her and gets her down.  Today after breakfast he even helped her put her milk cup back in the fridge.  I love when they do cute little brother sister things together.

Ryan loves NI-Hao, Kai Lan and knows most of the words to the videos we have.  Timing, inflections, all the parts for all the characters, all the songs, everything.  She sings along to the Fresh Beat Band and MC Shy-D's 'Shake It'.  She is also learning some DJ Laz.  My kids love hip-hop, rap and spanish music, it cracks me up.

I've come to terms with the fact that Ryan will probably never be a dancer, she does not have dancer feet, poor girl got daddies feet.  I have noticed though that in addition to being very musical she does like dancing and is very quick at picking up steps and moves.  The Fresh Beat Band has a video call "Like a Rock Star" both of them sing along to it but Ryan is always saying "come on AJ (or mommy or whoever is around) lets dance" and she starts doing her cute little flamenco hop step.  Then I realized that at certain times in the song she would stop and do a certain little move always at the same time in the song.  She was doing the same movement that the band was doing in the video!  I watched her one time during the closing theme song of the Fresh Beat's regular show and she was doing arm movements and turns with them while they were doing their dance with the song.  Maybe she will be a dancer after all! woohoo!

I don't know how many times I can say it but AJ seriously is a musical kid.  Now I don't think that he is a prodigy or anything and I am not going to push him to do something just because I think he would be good at it.  But I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he ended up on...say...broadway.  I know that it would be something I would have to start working on now (which I'm not going to do) but if he decided to do it on his own, man I would be one proud mama to see him singing on stage.  I know nothing about singing voices so I'm not saying he has a wonderful voice but I do know music from a dancers point of view and the kid has an ear for music.  He can carry a tune, hears all the tempo changes, learns lyrics quickly and easily, understands different types of music and the feelings.  He just really enjoys music.

AJ is totally infatuated with Cars 2 at the moment.  He would watch the movie all day every day if I let him.  I think he has seen the first movie once or twice but we don't own it.  I'm curious if he would like it as much as he likes this one.  He walks around humming 'M M Mmmmmmm, M M Mmmmmmm, M M M M M M  Mm, Mm, Mmmmmmmmmm.'  He says it's the Finn McMissile spy song.

Ryan will grab anything that she thinks slightly resembles a gun and walk around with it making her shooting noise 'chuu, chuu, chuchu'.   I wonder where she got that from.  (sarcastic eye roll)

AJ loves the colors red and green.  He will usually say that his favorite color is green but about a third of his wardrobe is red.

Ryan is a conflicted little soul, she loves Toy Story, Cars and Super Heroes because of AJ but is infatuated with Princesses, Tinkerbell and of course Kai-Lan.  If given the choice of clothing she will say she wants to wear a dress and then will pick out a skirt, close enough.  She does love shoes (AJ did too) but to her shoes means she is getting in the car.  I love how kids minds work, just wish I understood it a little more sometimes.

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