February 10, 2012


As a general rule, I don't like doing laundry.  Really though, who does?

Now I know I shouldn't complain because honestly, laundry really isn't that bad.  Think about it.  You get to throw your clothes around as you put them into piles.  Then you shove them in a big basin and it magically fills with water in any temperature and level you desire.  They get sloshed around and spun like crazy without any effort from you and the machine even buzzes to let you know it's done.  Then you shove all the wet clothes into a drum which spins them around and around till they are dry, hot and fluffy.  This thing also buzzes to let you know it's job is done!

Compare that to having to take your clothes down to a stream and scrubbing them on a washboard or beating them against a rock, wringing the crap out of them with your hands and then hanging them out to dry and praying like hell that it doesn't rain.  Laundry doesn't sound so bad now does it?

Actually I don't mind the sorting, washing and drying and even folding the laundry doesn't bother me.  It can be tedious and hot if you are folding right out of the dryer.  Sometimes the washing machine is too fast for the dryer and you get backed up or you forget about a load and have to rewash it.  All just normal hiccups in the laundry mania.  Part of me enjoys the neatness of folding everything and putting it into four  little piles.  Hanging up the shirts to correspond with the piles so everything can be easily grabbed and put in their proper places...

Places...here is where my dislike of laundry really begins.  Putting everything in it's place.  I hate putting away laundry.  It is the worst part of laundry.  It is a lot easier now that we have our own space again but it still doesn't make the task enjoyable.  A few times while at moms I wouldn't put laundry away for a couple weeks.  I would put everything into the laundry basket after I folded it and we would dig through the basket.  If I needed the basket (for more dirty laundry) I would re-sort and refold and put everything in more piles on the bed, then that night I would stack the piles on the desk or on top of the dresser or on a shelf in the closet.  I. Hate. Putting. Laundry. Away.

Everyone in our household doesn't have that much in the way of clothing.  I think Ryan and AJ each have more clothing then I do and most of Jasey's clothes are for work.  Then add the fact that Jasey and I have each dropped a few sizes over the past year and there goes another good portion of our wardrobes.  So when I do laundry each persons pile is only a few pieces for each color load.  But add four people together (one of which is a 2 year old that still tries to lick things off of her spoon instead of sticking the spoon in her mouth) (another being a 4 year old that runs around like a crazy man sweating, uses his shirt as a napkin and has discovered the joy of changing his clothes three times a day) (the third works out 3 times a week and plays softball twice a week) and next thing you know in 2 days time you have more laundry than you should in two weeks!  It multiplies!

Laundry mating, no one sees it happen but everyone sees the result.

*Sigh* now excuse me while I motivate myself to go put away the stacks of clean laundry and gather the beginnings of the next round of dirty laundry...it's a vicious cycle.



  1. No kidding - putting it away is the WORST!

  2. hahaha I'm not laughing at you, it's with you, trust me. I know how you feel. I Hate. Putting. Away. Laundry. My husband and I came up with a perfect system, or so I thought, when we first married. I would wash and fold (he drives me nuts because he doesn't fold correctly) and he would put it away. How long did this last, you ask? Not freakin. lol But I love him anyway. Andy mostly the laundry's done, even if it's not all in the dressers.