February 10, 2012

Right Now...

As I am writing this the kids are sitting at the kitchen table eating noodles for dinner.  So healthy and nutritious, I know, but right now it is something that they will eat.  I think that is better then sticking something else in front of them that they don't even touch.  At least with the noodles I know that when they ask to get down their bowls will be clean and their bellies will be full.  AJ asked for noodles a few months ago because they were eating them on Ni-Hao, Kai Lan (which is Ryan's absolute favorite right now, move over Disney Princesses!)  I decided to give the noodles a try, they were a big hit and the kids haven't gotten sick of them yet.  They don't eat them all the time but it's a quick easy go to when I need it.  He asked for dumplings on another occasion, they didn't go over so well.

I need to go grocery shopping because we have slightly more than a whole lot of nothing in the house.

Ryan climbed up next to me and is playing eskimo noses with me, tickling my cheek with a Mater Squinkie and kissing my shoulder.

I am making turkey chili for dinner because it doesn't take a lot of prep and I'm all for that!

AJ is singing the closing theme song to the Backyardigans, he really is a very musical kid.

Ryan has rediscovered her love of climbing on everything and at the moment her favorite thing to climb on is the back of the couch.  I know the couch won't last forever so i'm not crazy like "you are going to ruin it!" I'm more worried about the fact that they have no concept of getting hurt until they actually get hurt.  The whole house is tile and I don't want to take anyone to the hospital with their head split open.

AJ has been a little out of sorts lately, pretty much since he went back to school ofter the holidays.  Yesterday he wasn't listening at school and lost his lunch privileges for today (school is only till noon and two days a week they get to stay after school and have lunch with their classmates, AJ stays Tuesday and Thursday)  His teacher has also noticed that he's been different though she says some of it is because it's getting towards the end of the year.  She said every year as the older kids get closer to Kindergarten they start to kind of act out but that AJ and his buddy are starting slightly sooner than normal this year.  Leave it to them to be different!  (I know this isn't the only reason)

Jasey just got home (it's six o'clock) but is grabbing AJ and heading out to go visit his mom.  Ryan and I are going grocery shopping.

Have a good night!

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